Our Mission at Innate Expressions

Becoming a chiropractor has been the best decision I have ever made. After realizing and understanding the power of chiropractic I quickly accepted it as my calling and began to fulfill my newfound mission. That mission is wanting to make sure that everyone I come in contact with has the opportunity to be exposed to chiropractic and understand it's role in their life.

When it comes to chiropractic I am extremely passionate, because when I was two years old I lost my mother to a rare cancer. My mother lead what most would consider a "healthy" lifestyle and had been under the care of a physician for three consecutive years while she was pregnant and gave birth to my brother and I, dying nine months after my brother's birth. My mother was never exposed to chiropractic and it's benefits. I always wonder, "what if?" My wondering has stirred a fiery passion within me to educate others so that they may live their life optimally. I have turned my sorrow into joy as I educate and bless others with my knowledge.

I find extreme fulfillment in educating on chiropractic whenever I can and since opening my practice, I have constantly looked for more and more ways to market my practice and the profession that I love. I found myself wanting to market all the time and wanting to tell more and more people about the profession of chiropractic. I knew that I had to find a way to be a walking billboard in order to maximize impact on society. I was doing all the things right by eating well, thinking great thoughts, staying active, and getting adjusted but I still needed to find a way to get people to inquire about my lifestyle! That's when I came to the conclusion that clothing is considered politically correct and highly recommended in today's society, so why not let it be my billboard.

Realizing that if I wore chic, thought-provoking clothing to catch people's gaze, they would be more compelled to tap into the knowledge I had to offer. Encouraging them to ask questions and engage in a conversation with me and my team, placing the ball in their court. The realization that utilizing clothing as a key component at marketing events to help brand my office and staff to help facilitate us being better recognized soon became one of our team's favorite advertising tools. In the beginning, I had our logo and catchy sayings "blinged" out on shirts, which we wore to all marketing events such as health fairs and spinal screenings. We even started wearing them to events in the community for fundraising, charities, political parties, and so much more. People were automatically drawn to the hypnotizing and dazzling logos and inquiring about the catchy sayings adorned on the clothing. We soon became known and recognized throughout the community at event after event.

Knowing the success we were having, I decided these shirts were to great to keep secret so I started Innate Expressions to share and bless others with this simple and easy marketing tool! So they too could reap the benefits and look great doing it. The "blinged" out shirts were just the beginning. Since, then I have designed amazing sterling silver cuff bracelets, everyday trendy and educational shirts for adults and children, "blinged" out ties for men, and onesies for babies...and we have more ideas in the works so enjoy what is here and look forward to more coming soon!

We really hope you enjoy our site and our open to all the possibilities that there are to market yourself. People leave newspapers, phonebooks, and fliers at home but you always have your clothes and jewelry on! And using our items as gifts or pointing your patients in our direction allows even more people to help you get your message out! Enjoy the site and above all HAVE FUN!

Dr. Martha Nessler

Dr. Martha Nessler is a chiropractor whose soul purpose is to ignite in others a spark, allowing their internal greatness to burn bright. Dr. Nessler's educational background includes two bachelor's degrees, in Human Development and Family Studies, and one in Human Biology. Dr. Nessler received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic. After graduation Dr. Martha established Optimal Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center, a successful subluxation based wellness-centered office, in Springfield Illinois (Read More).
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