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Functional marketing is simple and fun. Once you read this section you will be ready to use your new purchase. The concept of all the items on this website is to intrigue potential practice members to inquire about your service. Believe me it really is that simple! You just have to be prepared when they ask. Once you read our "How To" tips you will be all set! Make sure to share this section with your staff as to maximize the marketing use of your product. Wear your product anywhere and everywhere not just marketing events, potential practice members are everywhere. They are simply waiting for you to show up! Enjoy and relax it really is this simple.

Who's Your Chiro?
Who's Your Chiro? Probably the most important question you can ask someone is "Who is your chiro?" Everyone needs a chiropractor whether or not they know it yet, this shirt is the perfect shirt to get them to inquire about "Who is your chiro?" and why they need too should have one. Educate them so that they are aware of the benefits of having a chiropractor and are under chiropractic care. Once you educate them they are able to make an informed decision on why they need a chiropractor and why you are their perfect match. Remember, if they are not a perfect fit for your office offer due diligence and find them the perfect chiropractor to suit their needs, after all everyone needs a chiropractor.

This is also the perfect time to inform them of all the great athletes and superstars who have chiropractors so that they are always ready to perform at their peak level. Remind them that although they may not be superstars in the eyes of the media, they are superstars to their families, co-workers, and friends. I'll also remind you that you too are a superstar to the aforementioned but also to your community and practice, so make sure you have a chiropractor and are getting checked regular. Be the example you wish to set.

WELL ADJUSTED This saying is sure to derive questions. But, when you are asked, "What is 'WELL ADJUSTED'?" you have been given the go ahead to explain exactly what this means. Simply, let the potential practice member know that you have had your nervous system assessed and that you are under regular chiropractic care. Let them know what benefits you have noticed since you began chiropractic care and what exactly makes you WELL ADJUSTED. Let them know the changes in your overall health: emotionally, mentally, and physically. When an individual is WELL ADJUSTED they have a balanced nervous system that allows the body to continually adapt. Be proud to let the world know you are WELL ADJUSTED.

Real Women are Well Adjusted
Real Women are Well Adjusted This saying is available on both shirts and cuff bracelets. This statement says it all and when wearing it you are sure to have individuals ask what it means to be well adjusted and how you know. Every woman works more and more to be balanced. Women wear many hats in society. They are mothers, professionals, wives, friends, and so much more; juggling so many positions and tending to so many tasks women are eager to learn any tricks that will allow them to maximize their performance and fulfill their many positions. Take our advice from the WELL ADJUSTED saying, and apply it to this shirt. Wear this shirt with pride because a real woman really is well adjusted and in order to fulfill all her responsibilities is constantly adjusting.

LOVE. LAUGH. ADJUST. This saying is Dr. Martha's personal mantra and is available on a shirt or a sterling silver cuff bracelet. This mantra is one that is perfect for any chiropractor. LOVE is the highest vibration on earth and is a vital necessity for every living cell or accumulation of cells (people). LAUGH-ter really is the best medicine. ADJUST-ing is our gift to each individual we come in contact with and have the privilege of serving. This mantra ties all three important aspects of healing together in a simple saying. Wear this saying and remember when you LOVE, LAUGH, and ADJUST you make a significant impact.

LOVE (with heart)
LOVE (with heart) Love really does make the world go round. Love is the highest vibration and is a vital necessity for every living cell or accumulation of cells (people). There are four types of love: agape, which is unconditional love, phileo, which is a brotherly love, or love that exists between close friends, eros is a passionate or marital love, and storge, which is a love that grows between family members. No matter which type(s) love you are expressing this shirt is perfect to let all whom you come in contact that you are of love. This lets them know that love is patient and kind and that you are love.

INSPIRE We all inspire someone in one form or another. As chiropractors and chiropractic office team members we inspire our fellow staff, our practice members and our community to step out of their comfort zones and step up to action in lifestyle choices and to in turn become a leader by sharing their story with others. Within the profession we inspire our colleagues as they follow our path and observe the footprints of success we leave along the way. We also inspire within our family, extended and immediate, and within our social circle. When people inquire about this shirt simply explain exactly what inspire means; to affect, guide, stimulate, move, bring forth, etc. Once they are clear on the definition begin to inspire them by telling how you inspire those within your sphere of contact. Often when people hear inspiring actions of others they are in turn motivated to inspire. Another great simple reply is, "I am wearing this shirt in hopes of assisting you with the necessary shifts you need to make." Or "What can I do today to inspire you?" It's also a great shirt to buy a practice member who has an awesome story to share to remind them it's not only "O.K." to tell their story but it's their duty. This shirt really can go anyway.

Innate "Innate" is by far my favorite word and in our opinion a word that more people need to know. It is a powerful word meaning, the unborn potential that lies within each individual within chiropractic this word is so important because when an individual's nervous system is functioning optimally their innate is being fully expressed. When asked what exactly this word means you are given the opportunity to share the power of chiropractic with a potential practice member equipping them with the necessary knowledge to make the best decision for their future. Remember to get your wording down in a concise matter so that you can get your message out without losing your potential practice members attention.

Innate Expressions Logo
Innate Expressions Logo The Innate Expressions logo is awesome! We absolutely knew we had to make it available to our clients. Whenever we wear this shirt people always ask us wear we got it and what it is giving us the perfect chance to explain the concept of Innate Expressions. Go to the home page and read, there you will find why we created Innate Expressions. We created Innate Expressions to market the power of chiropractic. We created the company name, Innate Expressions, because our products do just that, express innate. So, when asked about this trendy and chic shirt explain innate and the power of having a full expressing innate.

I Hug Back
I Hug Back National Hug Week is the first full week in May and National Hugging Day is January 22. This is the perfect saying to wear in the office when you celebrate Hug Week and or Hugging Day or any day you want to celebrate the power of the hug. We don't only recommend wearing this saying but in addition we recommend educating on hugs, it reaffirms the power of human touch. Did you know that hugging is healthy? It assists the body's immune system, it cures depression, it reduces stress, it induces sleep, it invigorates, it rejuvenates, and it has no unpleasant side effects. Hugging is no less than a miracle drug. And that scientific research shows that every human being needs four hugs per day merely to survive, eight hugs per day to maintain oneself at a strong emotional level, twelve hugs per day to grow and become a better person? If you don't know these facts there is a chance the members of your practice and your friends don't know either. With it's play on words and subtle warning it let's those who come in contact with you that you do indeed "Hug Back"!

Your Name Here
Your Name Here This design really allows the chiropractor to stand out amongst the rest of the team. It's extremely useful at marketing events to help people especially potential practice members to know who to speak to with their questions. One thing that sets chiropractors aside from the medical profession is that we are readily assessable for doctor - patient interaction. Stand out from the crowd and let people who they can speak to and get their wellness journey started. This shirt is also perfect when speaking, allowing people to remember who you are when they are ready to talk to you bout how you can serve them. Add a blazer to the shirt to dress it up!

Creating Wellness Logo
Creating Wellness Logo This shirt was specifically designed for Creating Wellness Centers to market the brand. You can't help but be noticed in this shirt with the entrancing CW logo in wellness blues. This is the perfect design for any marketing event or for everyday in the office. It's also the perfect uniform for your wellness coach or trainer. We can do ties for men! Look great as a team and really stand out at your marketing event!

Future Chiro
Future Chiro Let the world know the direction in which you are chiropractic school!

ask me
ask me This is the perfect shirt to wear for any and all marketing events. Put your staff in it or sport it yourself. This shirt provokes on goers to say, "Ask you what?" Which is the perfect entry into a wide variety of conversations. Once they ask take the conversation in any direction you desire:
  • "Ask me why my life is so great."
  • "Ask me what well adjusted means."
  • "Ask me what I can do to help you make a shift."
  • "Ask me why I get my nervous system checked."
  • "Ask me how I know my nervous system is functioning."
  • "Ask me what a subluxation is and why you should be checked for them."
The aforementioned are just a few options; you can really be creative with this style. While this shirt is simple in design it is extremely versatile when it comes to marketing. If you need ideas send an email to Sarah for a C.A.'s perspective or to Dr. Martha for a D.C.'s perspective. No matter what have fun and be creative. This shirt is also perfect because there is nothing more frustrating than not knowing who to talk to when you are in a new environment. This shirt lets potential practice members know who to speak with to get any questions they might have. Don't lose a potential practice member because they don't know whom to turn to for answers and direction. With a pair of black pants, skirt, or nice jeans it's the perfect staff uniform for any marketing event. This shirt is also a great gift for a practice member who has had a huge transformation to remind them to tell their story with pride. When you give them the shirt simply tell them your story is too great to keep to yourself, when people ask you about "ASK ME" tell them with pride and let them know how their life can be different.

affirm There is unlimited abounding power in an affirmation. Speaking into truth exactly what you seek and believe to be true. Using words of encouragement and power to build up those around you, creating a positive environment today and in the future. Wearing the word "affirm" tells everyone who crosses your path that you speak with affirmation and desire to have a fantastic life speaking only in positive words and thinking positive thoughts. When we affirm we speak statements that assert the existence or the truth of something an affirming individual always makes a better acquaintance, let people know you are someone they want in their circle of influence.

chiro-PRACTICALLY PERFECT This saying says it all and derives a smile when you wear it. Having a balanced nervous system restores it's function. When we are born we are perfect as we enter the world. It's all the things throughout life that cause subluxations that cause us to stray from the perfection that consumed as at birth. Although we will never be truly 100% with the power of chiropractic we can indeed become "chiro-PRACTICALLY PERFECT"! When you wear this saying you are telling your sphere of contact that you have your nervous system assessed and are "chiro-PRACTICALLY PERFECT". When speaking to potential practice members educate them about chiropractic and its benefits, let them know how they too can begin to take steps toward being "chiro-PRACTICALLY PERFECT".

"Bling" Out Your Logo
Branding, Branding, Branding…We can't stress its importance enough. The more branding you do the more likely potential practice members will remember who you are when they are ready to begin care or share you with a friend. "Blinging" out your logo not only looks great but also because the crystals sparkle it is literally hypnotizing. Be careful to not get caught up in the compliments but to simply say thank you and jump right in to how you can assist them on their journey toward optimal wellness. To "bling" out your logo email a .jpg to We can do ties for men too!

I Love My Chiro
I Love My Chiro Don't we all love our chiropractors? They keep aligned and free of nervous system interference. Because our chiropractor loves us and in devoted to us having optimal nervous system function we have better immune function, less stress, better sleep, and continually adapting physiology. Let your chiropractor know how much you appreciate their support in helping you achieve optimal health. If you work for a chiropractor let them know you support them in their endeavors and let the members of your community and practice know that you are 100% behind your chiropractor! If you are married, dating, or life partners with a chiropractor this shirt is a fun and flirty way to say, "I Love (heart) you!"

We got the concept of this saying from Dr. Martha's friend, Dr. Matt Hubbard's license plate. "The minute I saw Matt's license plate, UNSUBLUX8, I knew I had to make a shirt, at least, if not some jewelry too", reports Dr. Martha. We even added a license plate shaped outlining to this saying because to "UNSUBLUX8" is truly the fuel that drives chiropractors, CAs and the chiropractic profession. Don't think your practice members won't love this saying they too are part of our mission.

This saying is definitely going to get attention. Let askers know why you are sporting this clever saying. Share your heart and mission to UNSUBLUX8 and free nervous system interference. Explain in an elevator conversation what subluxations do and why you aim to UNSULUX8.

Fully Expressing My Innate
Fully Expressing My Innate When you are well adjusted you are allowing your body to continually adapt. Your body functions without interference and its optimal level. When your nervous in it's balanced state and free of interference it is then that you are "fully expressing your innate." It has been said within the chiropractic profession for years "if they knew what we knew they would do what we do". When asked about this shirt, speak the truth and explain what exactly it means to fully express your innate. When this saying is explained and its benefits are outlined people understand the concept and seek to fully express their innate. Remember, people seek to understand!

Spizzerinctum The passion shared by chiropractors is what sets our profession apart from so many other professions. Chiropractors love to get together and share their love of chiropractic, through chiropractic philosophy, new marketing ideas, and heart felt stories that are witnessed every day in chiropractic offices all over the world. "Spizzerinctum" is a term made popular by BJ Palmer around the 1910s to 1920s, which refers to chiropractic enthusiasm or excitement about chiropractic. The world alone is a head turner and all "blinged" out or on silver is even more eye-catching. When you are asked what exactly is "Spizzerinctum" share your heart. Let them know why you have so much enthusiasm and excitement for chiropractic. Your enthusiasm and passion for chiropractic is sure to be captivation enough to start a conversation. Go ahead get your "Spizz" on!

Innate V Neck Logo
Innate V Neck Logo Express the beauty of your inner innate!

Who's Your Chiro Onesie
Who's Your Chiro Onesie Just dress your baby in this adorable onesie and hit the streets!

Subluxation FREE
Subluxation FREE This saying was first used in our company on a sterling silver cuff bracelet and is now available as a shirt. Realizing that everyone wears their "diabetic alert" bracelet with pride to let the world know they are indeed diabetic we thought it was only fitting to let the world know that we were "Subluxation FREE". Please note, that we realize there is philosophical debate whether or not one really ever can be subluxation free but for the sake of educating let's say that this saying signifies that the individual choosing this saying is constantly working toward eliminating subluxations.

The word subluxation alone derives questions so one will only ask, "What exactly is subluxation FREE?" Any question about this saying gives you the ability to explain what a subluxation is, how you get them, where they come from, how to get checked for them and how to get them corrected. When you wear this saying whether as a cuff bracelet or shirt be prepared to obtain new practice members so make sure you get down your wording in an "elevator conversation", so that you can quickly engage your potential practice member.

Dr. Martha Nessler

Dr. Martha Nessler is a chiropractor whose soul purpose is to ignite in others a spark, allowing their internal greatness to burn bright. Dr. Nessler's educational background includes two bachelor's degrees, in Human Development and Family Studies, and one in Human Biology. Dr. Nessler received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic. After graduation Dr. Martha established Optimal Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center, a successful subluxation based wellness-centered office, in Springfield Illinois (Read More).
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