Get "Spizzed"

Spizzerinctum is a term made popular by BJ Palmer around the 1910s to 1920s, which refers to chiropractic enthusiasm or excitement about chiropractic. The more you love and serve chiropractic the more you need to get "dipped" in philosophy and support from your colleagues. There are so many different resources available within chiropractic. In this section you will find my personal resources. I have included my personal strategic alliances, which include people, products, and events within our wonderfully diverse profession. If they are listed on this page they are a colleague or company I have worked with hand in hand and view their service and advice as crucial for any successful chiropractor! I learned early on to be successful, I needed to stand on the shoulders of giants rather than in their shadows. I am proud to call all of the below mentioned chiropractors and chiropractic companies not only colleagues but friends. When you call make sure you tell them Dr. Martha sent you!

C.O.R.E - Chiropractors On The Road To Excellence
Cash Practice
Drs. JC Doornick and Todd Herold
Chiropractic Leadership Alliance (CLA)
Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Dr. Christopher Kent
Mrs. Angela Weisbrock Warman
Creating Wellness
Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Dr. Christopher Kent
E.P.O.C. - Epicenter of Chiropractic
Epic Practice
Dr. David Jackson
Essentials for Your Success
Game Face
Get Back to Basics
My Practice Rocks
New Patient Maven
Parker College of Chiropractic
The Masters Circle
Drs. Bob Hoffman and Dennis Perman

Dr. Martha Nessler

Dr. Martha Nessler is a chiropractor whose soul purpose is to ignite in others a spark, allowing their internal greatness to burn bright. Dr. Nessler's educational background includes two bachelor's degrees, in Human Development and Family Studies, and one in Human Biology. Dr. Nessler received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic. After graduation Dr. Martha established Optimal Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center, a successful subluxation based wellness-centered office, in Springfield Illinois (Read More).
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