Functional Education

Our functional education is a way to educate the masses both through what you wear and what your patients wear. Each item is adorned with a word in a funky font somewhere on the shirt. The word is a unique word that requires a question to derive the definition. To assist you when caught of guard or a patient who made need an extra bit of help, simply roll up the waist band of the shirt and the definition is revealed. It's the perfect way to assure you accurate in your definition and that your patients are always prepared with the right answer.

Kids are awesome at sharing the chiropractic message. They know their life is different and they love to tell their friends! Our clothing equips them to always have the right answer. When they are wearing our shirts all they have to do is flip the shirt up, read the definition, and tell their story! It's really that easy and they look so cute!

Babies are absolutely adorable and people love to "ooh and ahh" over them. People love everything about babies especially their clothes. Our onesies are adorned with educational words and awesome sayings. Babies can't talk but their parents do! And the parents will always know what to say because when you flip the baby over the answer is on the bum! Our onesies are the perfect way to congratulate parents on their new addition with "I Love My Chiropractor" or to commemeorate the first adjustment with our "My First Adjsutment" onesie. It doesn't get much cuter than this!